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Company overview

AEG Environmental Services (AEG) is prepared to meet a variety of facility requirements in Florida and other southern states. AEG is a skilled licensed underground utility contractor with almost 20 years of finished, profitable residential and business projects to their credit. The most difficult or straightforward site developments can be self-performed by our challenge-driven organization, which specializes in water and sewage.


AEG Environmental Services Company is a skilled certified underground utility contractor with more than a decade’s worth of completed profitable private and business projects. Our challenge-driven business offers the capacity to handle even the most difficult side projects. Renovations of treatment facilities and lift stations are other specialties of our organization. At AEG, we sustain corporate standards by engaging project safety managers and senior staff with extensive experience.


  • Qualified small business delivering best-in-industry solutions.
  • Exceptional references illustrating strict Quality Control Standards
  • Leadership with over 20 years’ experience in Construction
  • Constantly mitigating risk in relation to safety evaluations
  • Deeply experienced resource pool.


  • 2023-Life Care Center, Altamonte Springs, FL. Install new 18″ corrugated metal Pipe, 300LF Open Cut & Repair Asphalt, Drain Box Connections, Grout Wrap all joint connections with filter fabric Install 2″ thick Asphalt, Vac, and clean system.
  • 2022- Current: North Mud Lake Mechanical Clearing and Precision Spray, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.
  • 2021-Project Manager Exxon Industrial Loop, BJC Matting Project Texas 40 Mil project


  • Socio-economic certifications: State of Florida Certified Utility Contractor Lic #CUC1225704
  • City of Orlando/MBE, Orange County Florida/MBE, Orlando Aviation Authority/DBE, MWBE, LDB, SBECAGE Code: 9DFW4
  • Accept Credit & Purchase Cards

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

  • 237110 – Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction
  • 238910 – Site Preparation Contractors
  • 237310 – Asphalt Paving
  • 238110 – Poured Concrete Foundation and Structure Contractors
  • 238990 – All Other Specialty Trade

Licenses and certifications

  • State of Florida Certified Utility Contractor Lic # CUC1225704
  • City of Orlando /MBE
  • Orange County Florida/MBE
  • Orlando Aviation Authority / DBE, MWBE, LDB, SBE

Core Competencies

  • Water and Sewer
  • Site Work Development
  • Land Clearing / Mulching
  • Roadway Construction
  • Mechanical Thinning
  • Asphalt Paving / Milling
  • Underground Utility Installation
  • Pond Maintenance and Restoration


  • Safety
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality of Work
  • Skilled Labor
  • Years in Business
  • Flexibility

Our Capabilities

Preconstruction Planning

Here at AEG Environmental Services, we pride ourselves on excellent communication with our clients. We will keep you informed every step of the way - from preconstruction to the final walkthrough.

Construction Management

25 years of construction worked on everything from building roadways to developing housing lots. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision for the project is realized.

Construction Fulfillment

We focus on developing and employing scope-specific self-perform experts and a wide-reaching workforce so we can consistently deliver the same level of service to all our customers wherever they may be.